I'm writing this rather too long after the fact, so I'm going to leave you with edited highlights.

Göreme itself is a fairly small town centre with a noticable presence of tourist tat. There's also a fair number of restaurants and eateries, but freezing weather doesn't appear to be prime tourist season and the main street is all but lifeless.

Many of the buildings here are hollowed out from the rock, and our hotel is no exception.

The first order of business is a trip to the open air museum marking the some of the richest and earliest cave dwellings in the region.

The following day sees an abortive attempt at a balloon flight due to too much wind, so we replace it with a coach tour of the region.

The balloon flight comes off the following day, and it's fantastic. It's a bright winter day, and our pilot delights in telling us about the region as well as the science behind his balloon piloting.

The culinary highlight of the region is the testi kebab, meat and vegetables cooked in a sealed pot, which is broken open at the table when serving.

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