Two days of diving in Aqaba. And it's pretty good. There isn't much boat diving here at the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, it's all from the shore. But the diving is excellent. It's rich with large creatures such as rays, eels, and octopus, which our divemaster duly molests.

There's even a mobile anti-aircraft gun under here.

The second day, we're on the wreck of a Lebanese cargo ship with an airspace in the hold. There are turtles.

Also, we do the "Saudi Border Wall" site, the only wall dive on the Aqaba shore. It's a sensitive site because, as the name suggests, it's close to the border. It's a good dive, the wall is deep and features huge cabbage corals.

When we get back up, we're greeted by a chap in camo uniform, bellowing at the sea in Arabic. It's fairly concerning, until we work out that he's got his own set of divers. They turn out to be firemen, practising using breathing equipment or putting out fires underwater or something.

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