First AC affords us a reasonably refreshing night's sleep. Seats/beds are comfortable, and more grippy than 2 tier's worryingly slippery bunks.

We arrive in Bangalore at about the allotted time for the next stage of the journey. We miss our driver in the chaos at the station, and wait for way too long at the entrance as he searches around the station for us. It turns out he parked round the back, and his route to the car involves crossing a couple of sets of track.

Our transport to Mysore is a great big bus, apparently because the sensible-sized transport isn't available. It's a three hour drive, and the Bangalore to Mysore highway is slightly less crazy than Hospet's roads. We have a handful of stops on the way; one for breakfast with what may be the first Actual Coffee I've had in this country, one to gawp at a silk market. Not selling silk cloth as I'd expected, but silk cocoons. Strange yellow puffs resembling cotton wool balls. I don't buy any. It's still too early really.

As we near Mysore, we peel off into a couple of side trips to visit the sights of Srirangapatnam. One of them is the town's celebrated temple which was unnecessarily busy when we visited. Another is the Summer Palace of the 18th century Muslim ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. The exhibition now makes a great deal of Sultan's contact and series of battles with the British, culminating in the ruler's death. His mausoleum remains a popular site to visit.

And then we make it to our hotel, the cavalierly spelt Crystal Paark Hotel. It's determinedly average, and the lunch is quite pleasant if you have enough patience.

Despite the long day, we're up for an explore of the shopping in the afternoon. This involves tuk-tuks, saris and coffee.

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