Another whistlestop tour of the country. I must stop doing this. Top of the attractions is Runcorn. Well, first at least.

Yep, actual work again. The Machine Evaluation Workshop is Runcorn's premier supercomputing conference, and all round excuse for meeting sysadmin types. It's still a good conference, and I remember very little of it.

The Tour hits Liverpool, Durham and Edinburgh on consecutive days, while the country is under biblical levels of snow. And because the country in question is England, the public transport system falls apart. My TransPennine Distress "service" across from Liverpool to Durham is replaced with Gloom, Delay and Waiting In Station Pubs.

My tour of Durham's rustic IT Service facilities is definitely work too.

Edinburgh of course looks lovely in the snow (compare Liverpool, which just looks like it stole it). I take the opportunity to have another go at the panoramic photo I attempted last year from the top of the Scott monument. One year on, I'm capable of using the little tricks my camera offers like actually getting the thing in focus. Unsurprisingly, it's perishing up here and I can barely see out of my right eye by the time I finish.

And that's it for this outing. By the evening, I'm in Heathrow waiting for a dude to finish spraying steaming deicer on a 767, and the following morning, I'm back in work in the desert. In body at least.

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