A day in Chicago between flights. It starts with the shuttle back to O'Hare and then a long rattling train into Chicago. I have a vague idea of what to see, but less of an idea of how to get there.

My random guess turns out to be pretty good as I stumble up out of the train station into the city, facing the Sears Tower. The tower's lobby is full of Amazing Facts about the tower, although they appear to have forgotten to mention that it's somewhat smaller than the CN Tower. That inadequancy notwithstanding, the glass skyboxes are still terrifying.

Chicago provides my first ever visit to a Dunkin' Donuts. Exciting, no? There's a good chance it'll be my last. I partake on my way to Chicago's Millennium Park, which is a rather splendid public space, and all the better now the idiotic policy restricting photography of public art has been relaxed. It's a bright, crisp November day, and the Chicago architecture is beautifully reflected in the Bean's curves.

I finish the day with a nice walk along the lake shore as far as the Museum Campus, before calling it a day and taking the long rattling journey home.

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