With an evening flight back to Chicago later, I take advantage of the morning to visit the Science Centre, and successfully buy a ticket for the IMAX before I spot it's in French. Oh well. It's all about the visuals. Although watching Peter Sissons and Anna Ford announcing space news in French is a strangely discombobulating experience.

The archeological museum is over the road and promises a hi-tech multimedia experience of Montreal's history and heritage, and it delivers. The city's founding and growth is projected onto the archeological remains of the old city and the screens surrounding us.

The audience files out of the theatre and down to the basement to mingle with the excated remains of Montreal and the chunks of history signposted between them.

And that's the end of my short time in Montreal. I've enjoyed my visit greatly. The city has heaps of character compared with Toronto, even if that does seem to manifest in a prevalence of strips clubs. Canada in general, and Montreal in particular, has an agreeable coffee culture. Handy both for fighting back the cold and for the internets it brings.

I've also found it a great excuse to rekindle the French I haven't used for about ten years. And that's all gone better than expected.

US immigration is conveniently sited in Canada, so they get the probing out of the way before takeoff. They are as interested as ever in my residence in Saudi Arabia. In Chicago, the airport bus conveys me flawlessly to my destination for the evening.

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