I spend as much of the morning as I see wandering around the Mont Royal Park in the snow and ice. And by now the paths are mostly ice. It's pretty dicey walking around, but I succeed in putting off the inevitable until I'm back on concrete. Ouch.

I hobble back into town and from there out to the mostly deserted 1976 Olympic Stadium. It's a splendid view out over Montreal from the tower, but the whole thing feels woefully underutilised. And let's be honest, it's a concrete nightmare.

Montreal itself feels wonderfully liveable. For a start, everywhere I've stayed in this country believes that "coffee-making facilities" means ground coffee and a cafetiere. (They also believe in free wifi where most equivalent places in other countries tend to charge outrageous prices). Coffee culture in general is pervasive here, and it's particularly welcome in the snowy weather. That cold may be what I came here for - and the city wears the snowfall well - but it is nice to get out of sometimes.

Toronto was a pretty nice place, but compared with Montreal, it's a little bland. Montreal has richer architecture (glossing over the Olympic Park there) and just feels more arty and eclectic.

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