I lose my morning due to having different time-keeping devices set to different timezones. Niagara Falls' downtown area, where the people actually live, is a couple of miles from the tourist centre and turns out to be quite nice. The bus terminal on the other hand is a little past its sell-by date and doesn't have the coffee shops I was hoping for.

My bus to Toronto turns out to be from the future, promising power sockets and wireless internets. If I'd been paying attention I wouldn't have just thrown my laptop in the hold. I use my iPhone to alert the rest of the world to the arrival of the future. However I discover the bus is only from next Tuesday when the wifi conks out a few miles outside Niagara Falls.

The bus offers a swift slice of small-town Canadian scenery before giving me my third Great Lake of the week, Lake Ontario. Toronto slowly approaches. As we grind up the lake shore the buildings gradually embiggen until we find ourselves in the familiar territory of crawling through city centre traffic. I've deliberately picked a hotel a short walk from the coach terminal, a walk which takes me across what appears to be Piccadilly Circus done Canadian style - an increased density of neon signs surrounding a small square, and very very cold.

The hotel is cramped, but also clean, warm, comfortable and central. I'm not intending to spend much time awake here anyway. I head out again for a somewhat undirected wander around the downtown, and it only takes a few paces for a brewpub to catch my eye as a suitable lunching place...

I'm just getting nicely frozen when I notice an entire Toronto under the city streets and take advantage of it to leave the cold behind. It's not always easy to navigate though. I pop up again after a while and discover I've ended up at the lake front. After after taking time to admire the view, I disappear back down and find my way back to the hotel. The route - or at least my route - takes me past the local enormodome, which is offering a KT Tunstall concert. And having tempted me with that, reveals that it's a Ticketmaster affair and hence there's no chance of tickets other than by post. Grr.

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