Conference wrap-up:

Supercomputing is the big annual conference for my industry, and this was my first visit. We were there to get ourselves noticed, as usual, and the toys brought along by our partners at CalIT2 did a pretty good job.

My interest here is in two main areas: the sysadmin track (which is a pretty minor part of the programme) and in gateway computing, a term which is used to mean alternative ways of accessing supercomputing. The latter delivers an interesting workshop, but the most I get from the former is a dried alligator head as a prize for my contribution.

And that's pretty much it but for the closing night party. The venue was Mardi Gras World, which is basically the warehouse where the floats are stored. The entertainment was a local jazz band and very good they were too.

So this morning I'm flying out again, back to Chicago to meet friends.

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