Final day of diving, heading to Ras Mohammed. It's a slow start getting down to the boat and loading, so we're a little behind once we get underway. And a pause to watch dolphins doesn't help the schedule.

Finally, dive one on Jackfish Alley. My favorite sighting is a diver with a scooter, tank dangling from his front and very little else. Very lazy diving. I approve.

Dive two on Shark/Yolanda Reefs is a bit currenty, sometimes with us and sometimes exhaustingly against us. The water at the entry is so full of divers that I'm starting to feel blinded by bubbles. As the dive goes on, I have to stay alert to keep with the right set of divers.

Yolanda Reef is named after a wreck which went down carrying a cargo of toilets. Cue photographic hilarity.

The end of the dive takes in a small cave before we surface.

There's a dive three, but we don't join in because we're flying tomorrow - we're still just about the right side of the recommended degassing time. From the boat's point of view, the end of the dive is chaotic with four different groups popping up and having to wait while boats mill about and collect their respective parties.

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