My plan for today is to get up early and catch the bus out to Mdina for the day. I manage half of that.

Mdina is the old capital of Malta, a wonderfully preserved walled city in the interior. The streets are full of tourists as is right and proper. Unfortunately because it's a Monday, the Palazzo Falson is closed, so there isn't a lot to do but take in the views.

Mdina's twin city outside the city walls is Rabat. One of the most interesting attractions here is the complex of catacombs named after St. Agatha. We got a swift tour from a guide who identifies himself as the archeologist. After the catacombs, I get it into my head to march the 2 1/2 miles to the Cart Ruts, a mysterious prehistoric formation on Malta's coast which consists of a series of parallel ruts carved in the limestone.

It's a long and sweaty walk, but I decide it's enough for one day, and once I've finished gawking, I just head for the nearest village to get the bus back to Valletta.

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