Boat outing today, using "dumpy" 12l steel tanks, so not too much weight required. Diving in Malta requires a wetsuit sadly, and I haven't needed one since New Zealand. The boat is just big enough for the dozen or so divers and thankfully the sea is pretty calm as we head across to Comino.

The P31 is a former East German minesweeper, bought by the Maltese Navy and the scuttled two years ago for diving. It lies on a flat sandy bottom in 21 metres of beautifully clear water.

My instructor for this Deep Dive quickly finds an octopus lying under some debris which decides it doesn't want to be found and jets into some control circuitry. The instructor then annoys it until it inks.

I'm officially not allowed to penetrate the wreck while under instruction, so that doesn't happen during the instruction part of the dive. The newness of the wreck means there isn't a lot of life making its home here, but it does make the features of the boat very obvious.

After lunch, and some skin diving in the beautifully clear waters of Comino's famous Blue Lagoon, it's time for the second dive at the Santa Marija Caves. Lots of nice swimthroughs in the rock, some without a lot of wiggle room. The caves only take up the first half of the dive - later there's time for fish feeding, and I discover a pair of Armani sunglasses lying in eight metres of water.

Evening brings a night dive which is better Entertainment than the hotel's effort. The site is "Suzie's Pool", a shore entry with a weedy bottom. It's another component of my course so I have some navigation in the dark to do, and then it's just looking for creatures. My score is roughly One Eel. Nice clear dive in a different environment. The other pair on the dive have strobes which light up the entire pool. I take the opportunity to baptise the orange flashing tank light I bought mostly because it's shiny.

I'm too tired to care about the Entertainment when I finally make it back to the hotel.

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