Our group of three divers plus instructor nip back towards Valletta for the first dive of the Advanced Open Water course I'm here to do. It's in the harbour, on HMS Maori. A pleasant dive, but there's none of this great visibility I've heard so much about, and a fairly gnarly exit in bare feet.

After a lunch of unidentified pig parts, dive two is the Navigation dive, in a fairly murky end of the harbour, which makes the navigation exercise a little more challenging. I do a couple of different routes, navigating by compass and number of kicks. It all goes surprisingly well.

We have a little conversation over what to do for the last of the five dives required for the course. Multilevel seems like a good choice. Buoyancy isn't considered because mine is apparently "perfect".

I wander into town in the afternoon, looking for something to do. Still nothing.

The Evening Entertainment is still too loud and too dreadful.

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