Into town for a breakfast of bacon and banana pancakes. It's a virtually cloudless day in Queenstown, bright and still. Perfect weather for flying.

But not at Milford, so the trip's off.

There's another cruise going at much the same time, this one around the lake. It's also a wee bit cheaper. It provides a pleasant hour and a half of pootling around the Frankton Arm of the lake, initially sat on the roof until I surcome to the biting wind and retreat inside the cabin. It's a nice informative tour as far as it goes. The level of detail on some of the individual houses on the lakeshore is probably pushing it a little, although some of the tales are quite interesting.

For example - the New Zealand rail company built a number of houses for its employees on the north shore of the water. Company rules dictated that anything they build must face north to gather the sun, so the houses were duly built facing north. This means they face the side of the hill and miss out on the view over Lake Wakatipu towards the Remarkables Range.

After lunch I crack and go jet boating with a well-known nearby operator. It's pretty production-line and their site by the Shotover River is surprisingly unlovely given it's the best-known boat in town.

Still, it's undeniably a good ride. It's a flatter hull than the Taupo boat, so the spins fling you around less. The gorge is narrower and the ride gets closer to the rocks.

The other innovation here is some witchcraft to take video of us getting thrown around and beaming it across to somewhere the punter can pay for it. The magic isn't working much today, but the crew are gamely pretending this is the exception.

By the time I get back into Queenstown, it's too late to book anything more for the day, so I stay to enjoy myself in the town. Which is when I discover that Queenstown is pretty dull when you're not off on some activity. I finish the evening in the pub, writing this for your amusement.

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