Doha International Airport has free Wi-Fi and Ardmore, but has absolutely no other feature to redeem a 7 hour wait. In comparison, the 13 hour flight is surprisingly painless despite the limited range of entertainment. The booze flows freely to make up for it.

The Australian quarantine boys make Saudi customs look like a bunch of weekend amateurs in comparison. Not only do they X-ray everything, they also look at the screens.

I had forgotten how European Melbourne feels - the city appear to have been built with the same interest given to how it looks rather than the emphasis on how much it costs which distinguishes so many British cities. And then there's the ubiquitous tram system.

It's evening time when I get into Melbourne's Southern Cross station. I'm strangely OK with the timezone so far, but it's still sleep o' clock and I head to my bed for the night.

The Pensione Hotel isn't as good as it thinks it is, but still perfectly acceptable for Late Rooms prices.

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