Today is for exploring Petra properly. We have a more reasonable start time of 9am. After a pause to allow the more infirm members to get a donkey cart down, we trek down the Siq with our guide pausing to explain the features. Camels and donkeys carts rattle past, with the ride over the Roman paved areas looking extremely uncomfortable. Finally, the spectacular Treasury comes into view. This time the whole area in front is rammed with tourists.

After a break for photography, it's off down the outer Siq to the more open tomby area beyond. Exploration continues through the tombs and along the Roman Highway to the restaurant at the end. As expensive as you might expect from the situation, but at least good food.

Next comes the slog up to the Monastery. While some choose to take a donkey up to the top, I take about 40 minutes to do the climb, with regular passing donkeys trying to push me off the mountain.

It's hot and exhausting work, and once I get up there, I find that the next job is another climb to one of the lookouts above the monastery, offering views over the surrounding valleys. I find three of these climbs to be enough, and give the Monastery a closer look as a prelude to starting the climb back down.

At the bottom, the next stage of the trudge back begins, with a stop at the Great Temple. Suitably impressive, but I'm crackered and mostly just want to get home. The next stage of the march back is roman road back the the Treasury, and that passes without incident. I take the opportunity to get some photos of the place with a reduced tourist load, and then do the final phase, the march back up the Siq, which at least goes quickly, and then finally pour myself into the hotel bar.

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