We meet up with rest of the group (except for the ones who didn't get the memo) at early o' clock. We are 15, with more joining us over the next few days.

Once the late-comers arrive, we head north, back the way we came in yesterday. There's a detour on the way out of Amman past a Palestinian refugee camp, which is largely indistinguishable from another suburb of Amman.

The first stop is the "best preserved Roman city in the world". Jerash was an important Roman city and some impressive ruins remain. Entry from the coach park is through the optimistically-priced gift area.

The well-preserved theatre has incongruous bagpipe music going on, courtesy of the Jordanian army. In the stadium, also performed by the army, there's a Roman army show, complete with military formations, gladiators and chariots.

The final stop is Umm Qais, another Roman city right in the north west corner of Jordan. It's not as well preserved as Jerash, but it does feature views over Israel, Syria and the Golan Heights, and we take advantage of them from a concrete Jordanian bunker.

Our visit ends with a glass of traditional lemon leaf tea. It's the best thing ever.

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