Up at a dreaded 6:45 in the morning. I don't approve of this getting up early at the weekends. The diving bus is supposed to be leaving for the beach at 7:15ish although we end up waiting for a couple of people who didn't get the memo. Still, an hour or so later we're there.

A couple of nights earlier, when I heard we were heading to this beach, I took a trip into Jeddah to buy snorkelling gear. The stuff for hire here isn't great, and they have a bad habit of running out; hence the early start. Happily, the bits I need are available - if somewhat poorer quality than last week's - and I'm soon ready to christen my new gear.

The first dive is noticeably murky - there's a layer of red scum and jellyfish on the surface and as we get further down visibility remains poor. There's also a fairly strong current today. On top of that, the creatures all appear to be hiding. The general agreement on reaching the surface is that it's all a bit of a write-off.

The second dive is a great improvement on the first. The water's cleaner on entry, and as we end up a little shallower, visibility is also better. Most importantly, the beasties have come out to play. Best finds were The World's Largest Puffer Fish, and a couple of amorous Moray Eels.

Others' photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/116464135101732783065/AlBiladBeachDiveMarch112010#, or youtubery at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIm6l-H5g64.

Back to KAUST for the afternoon, and I'm promised Fun at the Kite Fun Day. There isn't really enough wind or space for my kite, however, so I have to get my fun from the free food. Little things...

Bowling in the evening. I don't get stomped that badly.

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