Day out in London. It's another early morning as I have an appointment at Australia House at midday. I killed my last Australian passport with coffee and I've had to wait until I got back to Blighty before I could find someone who met the requirements for signing my photo. It all goes very smoothly, and I've soon back on track. A relaxed lunch at a boozer behind the British Museum later and I'm on the prowl for gadgets down the Tottenham Court Road.

Turns out Apple parts are ridiculously expensive. Who knew?

So I largely fail at most of the things I want. I suspect BOSE QC 15s are the right noise-cancelling headphones to replace my slightly shoddy Sennheisers, but I fail to find any to apply the comfort test. And surprisingly, Panamas are thin on the ground on a rainy December afternoon in London. My one success is $NEWTOY. Shiny.

Next stop Wandsworth for good boozes and good company, with one pub I particularly approve of, despite the overly trendy decor, because of its community centre feel.

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