Trust me, I'm an engineer

I'm in favour of personal encryption, These are a few notes on the systems I use.


My gpg public key is:

pub   1024D/133092DB 2003-12-27
      Key fingerprint = 68CE 007A 0B4A 5FAC 1BF4  6CF4 18C1 5442 1330 92DB
uid                  Iain Georgeson <>
uid                  Iain Andrew Georgeson <>
sub   1024g/10171E1C 2003-12-27

It's available from keyservers. See my key stats. I encourage you to send encrypted mail.

If you'd like to cross-sign keys outside a formal keysigning party, please bring along a slip of paper with your gpg --fingerprint output and a suitable proof of identity.


I'm a CAcert Assurer, (ECCP ID 110621). I'm happy to assure you on request. I'm currently able to give 10 Assurance Points. My quick notes:

The Applicant should:

Register with your full legal name (i.e. Robert, not Bob). Note that titles and middle names are recommended but optional. Any you include must be supported by your ID.

The Assurer should:

Thawte WoT

I'm not a thawte notary. These notes on what I need to do for an assurance are largely for myself.